Rogue Company

Witness the excitement of the Rogue Company Reveal Trailer as Dima, Lancer, Seeker, and Ronin join forces in an intense action-packed showdown. As a part of the production team, our animation experts had the privilege of assisting with character animation, bringing these dynamic characters to life.

Rogue Company is a thrilling game filled with epic battles and strategic combat scenarios. In the Reveal Trailer, these iconic characters take center stage, each displaying their unique skills and abilities. Our animation team worked diligently to ensure that their movements, expressions, and actions accurately reflect the essence of their personalities.

At Tetsuo Animation Studio, we thrive on the challenge of portraying characters with authenticity and impact. Collaborating with The Trailer Farm and other partners, we take pride in our role in bringing the Rogue Company world to life, thrilling players and fans alike.

Our commitment to excellence in character animation shines through in every project we undertake. As we animate these engaging characters in the Rogue Company Reveal Trailer, we hope to evoke the same excitement and anticipation players experience when entering the game's action-packed universe.

Whether it's showcasing the intensity of combat, the camaraderie between characters, or the heart-pounding moments that define the Rogue Company experience, our animation team strives to exceed expectations and deliver visual storytelling at its best.

Join us on this journey of crafting unforgettable character animations and elevating gaming experiences. As a trusted partner in character animation, Tetsuo Animation Studio stands ready to breathe life into your vision, immersing your audience in thrilling and captivating worlds.


Character Animation