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What We Do

We love to create character animation! No matter the genre or budget, our characters will enliven any world you can imagine.
If you are looking for a complete film for your brand, our experienced team and a network of friends can make anything possible.

To us, it will not matter if you only need a little support for your project or if you need us to create a fully animated film from concept to screen as long as we get to work a little animated character magic into it.

While we are software agnostic and can work with most software used to animate in 3d, our workflows in Maya and Cinema 4D are developed the most.

We are a small team combining our knowledge and specialisations under the Tetsuo Animation brand to create a fluid enviroment of creative exchange and growth. Each of us has more than 5 years of experience in creating animated content and we have been focused on character based entertainment for most of our careers.
Tetsuo Animation Studios is organized as a band of freelancers to create high scalability with an always perfectly matched, well communicating team.

Who we are

Manuel Weiss

Animator / Concept Artist

Chris Unterberg

Character Animator / Technical Art