[Reveal Trailer]

Fall Guys – Nintendo Switch Release Cinematic Trailer

Get ready for FallGuys on the go! In this electrifying trailer, FallGuys meets Nintendo Switch, offering a delightful combination of cuteness and portability. Our animation team took the lead in rigging, character animation, and pipeline development, ensuring that the FallGuys experience shines on the handheld platform.

We were thrilled to be part of this announcement trailer, bringing the world of FallGuys to the Nintendo Switch community. Our animation lead spearheaded the efforts to create a captivating visual display, showcasing the lovable FallGuys' seamless transition to the portable platform.

FallGuys meets Switch – a match made in gaming heaven! The trailer celebrates the adorable and entertaining nature of FallGuys, now in the hands of players, allowing them to experience the fun-filled races, quirky costumes, and thrilling gameplay wherever they go.

The collaboration between our animation team and the creative minds at The Trailer Farm resulted in an exciting reveal trailer that showcases FallGuys' enchanting appeal, perfectly complemented by the Nintendo Switch's handheld convenience.

With FallGuys now available on the Nintendo Switch, players can dive into this delightful world, no matter where they are. The Switch trailer marks the beginning of an exciting journey, as cute, little beans embark on adventures both on the big screen and in handheld mode.

Join us in celebrating the delightful union of FallGuys and Nintendo Switch, a winning combination that ensures endless fun and laughter in the palm of your hands!


Rigging, Animation Lead, Character Animation, Pipeline, Shading, Lighting, Rendering, Supervision