Fall Guys Season 4

FallGuys takes you beyond the confines of a typical video game and into an extraordinary experience like no other! In the exciting Season 4 trailer, the lovable FallGuy, Pink, wakes up to a mesmerizing sci-fi, futuristic world. As he joins the ongoing race, our hero faces a series of exhilarating obstacles, showcasing the creative brilliance of the FallGuys universe.

Our animation team was thrilled to lend their expertise once again to The Trailer Farm, ensuring that every frame of this trailer was a remarkable delight for viewers. Rigging, animation supervision, character animation, pipeline development, CG lead, rendering, and compositing were seamlessly combined to deliver a breathtaking experience.

The FallGuys Season 4 trailer is a testament to the innovative spirit that drives both The Trailer Farm and our animation studio. The sci-fi setup and imaginative obstacles captivate audiences, highlighting the boundless creativity present in the FallGuys world.

As Pink takes center stage, racing with unmatched enthusiasm, we are reminded of the fun and excitement that FallGuys consistently delivers. While he may not have emerged as the victor in this particular race, the journey he embarks on, and the vibrant world he explores, are a testament to the incredible adventures that await players in Season 4.

We take immense pride in being a part of this enthralling trailer, adding our touch of magic to the extraordinary world of FallGuys. The collaborative efforts between our animation team and The Trailer Farm have resulted in a visual feast that captures the hearts of gamers and fans alike.

In Season 4, FallGuys ventures into a wonderful futuristic setup, opening new avenues for creative storytelling and adrenaline-fueled races. We remain grateful to The Trailer Farm for entrusting us with the responsibility of bringing this world to life and pushing the boundaries of animation to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Join us as we embark on this thrilling sci-fi adventure, exploring the captivating world of FallGuys Season 4 and discovering the magic that awaits around every corner!


Rigging, Animation Supervision, Character Animation, Pipeline, CG Lead, Rendering, Compositing