Fall Guys x The Jungle Book

„Look for the bare necessities…” – Welcome to the enchanting world of FallGuys Jungle Book Crossover, where the beloved characters of The Jungle Book meet the whimsical beans of FallGuys. As dedicated fans of both worlds, collaborating on this project brought us immense joy!

In this delightful crossover, you'll witness the Jungle Book's iconic characters strike a pose like never before. Our animation team, involved in concept, layout, rigging, animation lead, and character animation, breathed life into these beloved characters.

From the majestic Shere Khan to the fun-loving Baloo, the sly King Louie, and the adventurous Mowgli, each character was meticulously crafted with attention to detail and respect for the source material.

As fans of The Jungle Book, we were determined to do justice to the beloved characters' spirit, charm, and personalities while blending them seamlessly into the vibrant FallGuys universe.

Collaborating on this crossover allowed us to showcase our passion for storytelling and animation, as we brought together two beloved worlds in a seamless and entertaining fusion.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey through the jungle, filled with laughs, challenges, and surprises. The FallGuys Jungle Book Crossover promises a celebration of friendship, adventure, and memorable moments.

We are honored to be part of this iconic crossover and to contribute our animation expertise to create a unique and heartwarming experience for fans of both FallGuys and The Jungle Book.

Don't miss this heartwarming and exciting crossover that brings the magic of both worlds together in one incredible adventure!


Concept, Layout, Rigging, Animation Lead, Character Animation, Set Design