Fall Guys x Street Fighter

When the worlds of FallGuys and Street Fighter collided, the result was an electrifying spectacle of action and playfulness. In the FallGuys Street Fighter CX Trailer, we were thrilled to be part of the animation and animation supervision team, contributing our expertise to create an unforgettable crossover.

The image captures the dynamic scene where legendary Street Fighter characters Cammy, Akuma, and Ryu exude their signature bravado as they elegantly jump on a car parked in a no-parking zone (oh no!). The fusion of FallGuys charm and Street Fighter action in this crossover is a testament to the boundless creativity and enthusiasm we poured into every frame.

As animation specialists, we embraced the challenge of bringing Street Fighter's iconic characters to life with flair and excitement, while ensuring they seamlessly meshed with the whimsical world of FallGuys. The collaboration was an absolute blast, and we took pride in crafting each moment with precision and passion.

Join us on this thrilling adventure that celebrates the joy of camaraderie and the spirit of adventure. FallGuys Street Fighter CX brings together legendary characters in a whole new light, showcasing their fabulous antics in a playful and action-packed extravaganza.

Dive into the extraordinary world of FallGuys Street Fighter CX and let the fusion of epic proportions entertain and delight you. Whether you're a Street Fighter fan or a FallGuys enthusiast, this crossover is sure to leave you smiling and energized!


Animation Supervision, Character Animation