[Announcement Trailer]

Deaths Door Announcement

Witness the haunting beauty of Death's Door in our announcement trailer! As the animation lead, rigging experts, and pipeline specialists, Tetsuo Animation Studio played a significant role in bringing this atmospheric and captivating world to life.

In the trailer, players follow The Reaper as it embarks on a journey through the office where targets get assigned their fate. The gloomy atmosphere and haunting visuals draw players into a world teeming with dark secrets and intriguing mysteries.

As animation lead, we ensured that The Reaper's movements were fluid and expressive, breathing life into this enigmatic protagonist. Our rigging experts crafted intricate setups, allowing for seamless animation transitions and a realistic portrayal of The Reaper's actions.

Our pipeline specialists streamlined the production process, ensuring that the animation seamlessly integrated with the game's artistic vision. This meticulous attention to detail contributed to the trailer's immersive experience, captivating players from the start.

Death's Door is a captivating game that should not be missed. Our team at Tetsuo Animation Studio took immense pleasure in providing our expertise to help showcase the atmospheric and haunting world of this remarkable game.

Step into the world of Death's Door and uncover its enigmatic mysteries, where crows hold the key to secrets that span between life and death. Prepare for a journey of both beauty and darkness, guided by The Reaper and the eerie allure of Death's Door.


Animation Lead, Rigging, Pipeline