[Launch Trailer]

Fall Guys Season 1

Welcome to the wacky world of FallGuys, where adorable, squishy little beans come together for an unforgettable racing experience! This Season 1 trailer captures the essence of the FallGuys universe, where every race is an exhilarating adventure filled with twists, turns, and a dose of hilarious mishaps.

Tetsuo Animation Studio collaborated with The Trailer Farm to create this charming trailer that introduces players to the excitement and fun of FallGuys. As animation lead, we took on the responsibility of ensuring that every frame of the trailer radiates with the quirky charm of these lovable FallGuys.

In the thumbnail, you'll catch a glimpse of the starting line, where a bunch of eager FallGuys gather, ready to embark on their thrilling journey. Among them is our hero, Pink, a FallGuy determined to win, despite facing numerous challenges along the way.

Through the magic of character animation, our team brought Pink's adventure to life, capturing his determination, courage, and undeniable charm. As the race unfolds, Pink encounters hilarious obstacles, leading to moments of laughter and heartwarming surprises.

Our expertise in layout, lighting, and compositing allowed us to create a vibrant and captivating environment that showcases the whimsical nature of the FallGuys universe. From designing the colorful race tracks to illuminating each scene with stunning lighting effects, every detail contributed to the trailer's magic.

The Pipeline team played a vital role in ensuring a smooth workflow, facilitating seamless collaboration between various animation stages and departments. Rigging and setup artists equipped the adorable FallGuys with the flexibility to tackle every obstacle with style and flair.

As the race reaches its climactic moment, Pink emerges victorious, claiming the crown with a triumphant smile. This heartwarming conclusion encapsulates the spirit of FallGuys, where every player can become a hero.

Working on the FallGuys Season 1 trailer was an absolute delight for our animation team. The collaboration with The Trailer Farm allowed us to unleash our creativity and dedication to deliver an endearing and memorable experience for players worldwide.

Join us in celebrating the wonder of FallGuys, where friendship, determination, and a dash of chaos merge to create the most charming races you'll ever witness. It's time to gear up, jump into the starting line, and embark on an unforgettable adventure with these adorable FallGuys!


Layout, Animation Lead, Character Animation, Pipeline, Lighting, Setup, Rendering, Compositing