Fall Guys Season 3

In this enchanting trailer, FallGuys Season 3 immerses players in a snowy realm filled with holiday cheer. As the delightful song 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year' sets the perfect tone, players can enjoy the thrill of winter-themed adventures and seasonal festivities.

Our animation team at Tetsuo Animation Studio had the pleasure of contributing to this seasonal spectacle. Responsible for rigging, animation supervision, character animation, pipeline management, CG lead, rendering, and compositing, we collaborated closely with The Trailer Farm to bring the magic of FallGuys Season 3 to life.

As the FallGuys community eagerly anticipated the Season 3 launch, we worked diligently to create an animation that captured the spirit of the holidays and the joy of ice skating fun. The lively interactions between the FallGuys characters, complete with winter-themed costumes, brought a touch of festive cheer to the world of FallGuys.

The Season 3 trailer embodies the essence of the holiday season, celebrating the joys of winter, ice skating, and camaraderie. We are immensely proud to have been part of this seasonal extravaganza, where our animation skills melded seamlessly with The Trailer Farm's creative vision.

This charming trailer reminds us of the power of animation to invoke smiles and laughter, even in a virtual world. We extend our gratitude to The Trailer Farm for entrusting us with this project, and we cherish the opportunity to continue contributing our animation expertise to the vibrant world of FallGuys.


Rigging, Animation Supervision, Character Animation, Pipeline, CG Lead, Rendering, Compositing