Fall Guys Silent’s Memories Event Trailer

Prepare for an action-packed adventure in Fall Guys Silent's Memories Event Trailer. As the team responsible for 3D character animation and animation supervision, we brought Silent's Memories to life in this gripping trailer.

The image captures Silent, one of the beloved Fall Guys characters, navigating a narrow corridor with a mysterious belt in hand. The corridor leads to a grand opening where warm light shines through, hinting at the mysteries that await.

The event trailer takes us on a thrilling journey, with wormholes opening everywhere and Silent mysteriously disappearing. The excitement builds as the Fall Guys beans, Stash, and Sally, dive headfirst (or perhaps trip) into the wormholes, embracing the unexpected adventures that unfold.

As animation specialists, we poured our passion into crafting every frame, ensuring that the essence of Silent's Memories shines through with precision and excitement. The Fall Guys universe is known for its dynamic storytelling and boundless creativity, and this event trailer delivers on every front.

Join us on this captivating journey, where mysteries abound and the joy of exploration leads to extraordinary encounters. Fall Guys Silent's Memories Event Trailer promises non-stop action, surprises, and laughter as players delve into the heart of this unforgettable adventure.


Animation Supervision, Character Animation