Fall Guys x Horizon Zero Dawn

Embark on an epic adventure as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn meets the adorable FallGuys in a short but sweet crossover trailer. Our animation team brought this thrilling collaboration to life, seamlessly blending the worlds of Horizon Zero Dawn and FallGuys.

Watch as Aloy gracefully swings through trees, showcasing her impressive skills. It's a delightful blend of action, charm, and whimsy that captures the essence of both franchises.

As gaming enthusiasts, we relished the opportunity to merge the worlds of these beloved games. The result is a captivating trailer that brings two unique universes together in a joyful celebration of creativity and collaboration.

Join us in this exhilarating crossover event, where Aloy's adventurous spirit meets the playful antics of FallGuys. It's a delightful journey that promises laughter, excitement, and endless fun.

Discover the magic of FallGuys x Horizon Zero Dawn as Aloy and the robot rhinos join forces with the lovable FallGuys. It's an extraordinary fusion of gaming worlds that will leave you smiling and eager for more.


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