Roblox Adopt Me

Welcome to the heartwarming world of Adopt Me! In this enchanting Roblox game, players can experience the joy of adopting adorable pets and embarking on exciting adventures with their friends. As a part of this creative endeavor, our animation team took on various roles to contribute to the magic of the Adopt Me trailer.

Tetsuo Animation Studio collaborated closely with The TrailerFarm to bring this delightful world to life. Our 2D animation specialists focused on capturing the characters' facial expressions, ensuring they radiate with emotions and charm. Character animation became the soul of this enchanting trailer, adding life and personality to the lovable pets and the players who adopt them.

Additionally, our CG lead played a vital role in overseeing the technical aspects, ensuring the seamless integration of animation and visual elements. This meticulous attention to detail allowed us to create a captivating and immersive trailer that showcases the joys of exploring the Adopt Me universe.

Throughout the trailer, players will experience the wonders of Adopt Me, where friendships blossom, memories are made, and happiness abounds. As a part of this creative journey, we took immense pleasure in crafting each frame with passion and dedication, bringing this heartwarming world to the screens of players and fans alike.

At Tetsuo Animation Studio, we cherish the opportunity to contribute our expertise to projects that bring joy to people's lives. Adopt Me is a wonderful example of the magic that can happen when creativity, teamwork, and passion unite.

With every project we undertake, we strive to create animations that evoke emotions, capture imaginations, and resonate with audiences of all ages. Adopt Me was no exception – it became an expression of our dedication to excellence in character animation and our commitment to bringing joy to millions of players.

Join us in exploring the enchanting world of Adopt Me, where the bond between players and their virtual pets ignites the magic of friendship, laughter, and endless adventures.


2D Animation (Facial), Character Animation, CG Lead