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Animtools for Cinema 4D

What it is:

We want to spend most of our time animating! This is why we started to look for tools make this easier by automating many tasks. In Maya we use the amazing animBot by Alan Camilo but looking for something similar for Cinema4D we weren’t that lucky. animTools is our try to make our lifes in c4d easier.
The tool started as a plugin to copy animation called „fuelTools“ back when we were employed at fuel new media. As animators we wanted a grapheditor that reacted similar to mayas editor, so animtools learned to manage c4d’s curveeditor. Soon also the animation breakdown tool of tradigitools was integrated and later completely rewritten for speed and ease of use. Feature by feature, the toolset grew to a huge helper for the animation pipeline at fuel and was soon renamed animTools.

Taking over from fuel new media, we are happy to be allowed to use and develop this tool further as well as share it with you.

You can find the manual here: In the future you will also be able to find video tutorials on there.

Please Note: This plugin is currently in beta and thereĀ will be bugs. I advise you to use it carefully, use autosave or save your work often ( This is a good idea anyway I guess.. ) It might be a good idea to save your work before using heavy features like copying many thousand keys between rigs as this can crash c4d when using undo.

I would be very happy if you report any bugs and feature requests so I can fix them as well as extend the plugin.


  • Easy and convenient linking and automatisation of the graph editor / f-curve timeline
  • Interactive breakdown slider
  • Interactive viewport breakdown tool
  • Hold creator
  • Arctracker
  • Linking with KeyframePro and KeyframePlayer
  • Easy interface for muting and unmuting channels
  • Easy interface for locking / keying / unkeying single axis
  • Jump to selected keyframe
  • Remember last tool
  • Select only animated objects
  • Robust copy / pasting of animation, even between (similar) rigs
  • Easy interface to C4Ds breakdown keys


Seamless IK FK Switching

What it is:

When we are animating characters, IK feels nice, easy and fast to pose but it is a nightmare to polish. To solve this, we created this seamless and convenient IK FK switch. While there are good setups out there for most softwares, we couldn’t find s a lot for Cinema4D.

That is why we just created our own setup.

It is easy to set up in new projects. We just need to copy the ArmSettings object including our custom python tag and connect the joint hierarchy of a new character.

The script will handle visibility settings, keying, includes a blend slider and it will automatically and seamlessly match your poses.

There are some still limitations in Cinema4D that make perfect matching in certain situations impossible but since this little helper makes our life so much easier, we thought it might help you as well.


  • seamless IK FK switching and matching
  • IK FK blend slider
  • simple, smart controller visibility control
  • automatic keying
  • easy to set up
  • matches many setups